We offer classes at various experience levels, with a variety of workout formats to cater to your individual fitness goals.

Certain classes come with a 10-minute foundation skills training session for beginners in order to maximize your workout experience at STILL Boxing.


First 10 minutes: Foundation*

50 minutes:
Blast your abs and tighten your core! This class is all about core and back strengthening, giving you the stability needed for boxing (and also to get those ripped obliques).

Intensity: 4/5



50 minutes:
After 7 intensive strike rounds, sweat through short but sharp circuit exercise stations that will push you to your limit. Test both your cardio, strength and stamina for an all-round challenge.

Strictly for intermediate and advanced practitioners only. No First-Timers allowed.

Intensity: 5/5

Strength & Conditioning

First 10 minutes: Foundation*

50 minutes:
The perfect combination of cardio and weights, comprising 2-3 strength rounds and 7-8 straight-up, endurance-based boxing rounds.

Intensity: 4/5



50 minutes:
Suitable for beginners, Basic is our signature aqua-bag boxing class brought down a notch. Expect a focused session that strengthens your your form and technique through a full-body workout.

Intensity: 3/5


First 10 minutes: Foundation*

50 minutes:
Go all out with a mix of HIIT exercises and punching drills that builds physical endurance, leaving you with the stamina to box longer and faster at your next STILL session.

Intensity: 5/5


*Foundation skills training is only compulsory for first-timers. Please arrive at STILL Boxing 5 minutes before class time for registration and orientation of boxing basics.

Regular clients who have prior experience may skip Foundation.


Are you new to STILL Boxing?

We get how kickstarting a new sport can be pretty daunting.
All of our classes are designed to be suitable for first-timers so it is absolutely fine if you do not have prior boxing experience. However, we do recommend going for our Basics class so you can ease yourself into the fundamentals of boxing.



Our check-in counter is located next door at Platinum Fitness. Please arrive at the studio at least 15 minutes before the class commences! When checking in, kindly inform the concierge that it’s your first class with us and we will help you get acquainted with our studio.You will need to sign a waiver form, and also run through some boxing foundations with our instructor to ensure a safe and enjoyable time during the actual class.


Before coming for class, please ensure you are sufficiently hydrated, and are not feeling unwell. We recommend having a light bite at least 30 minutes before your class starts.

Bottled water ($2) is available for purchase at our check-in counter. If you run out of water, feel free to refill your bottle at the water dispenser at Platinum Fitness! Please bring your own bottles as we don’t provide plastic cups.



Gear Up

What you’ll need for class:

  • A pair of boxing hand wraps ($10 for purchase, $6 for rental)

    Hand wraps are mandatory so please bring a pair! If you don’t own one, kindly approach the front desk and we will hook you up with a pair of quick hand wraps!

    * Please note that free rental of hand wraps only applies to First Timers.

  • A pair of boxing gloves

    If you don’t own a pair, we provide complimentary glove rental!

  • Comfortable footwear or trainers!